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Experience the unparalleled joy of life on-board your yacht with family and friends


SeaNet’s unique co-ownership programme provides a more responsible way of owning a yacht, enabling co-owners to make the most of their time on-board.

Avoid the annual fees of year-round mooring, maintenance costs, insurance, crew and winter storage with SeaNet’s smart co-ownership model which enables up to four co-owners to enjoy the benefi ts of owning a yacht. Guaranteed availability during the peak European yachting season ensures that every co-owner can truly enjoy the experience of being a yacht owner. Every SeaNet yacht is equipped with a diesel jet tender combined with a large 10-meter rib that can be towed behind the yacht. SeaNet recognises the importance of maximizing owners’ time spent on the water therefore all yachts feature a range of equipment and infl atables for water sports such as water skiing, paddle boarding, seabob, snorkeling and diving.

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Go for zero running costs

Some years you may not have the time to spend the allotted weeks on your yacht. You could turn this into your advantage and cleverly combine private and commercial use of your yacht. All you have to do is put it in charter during down time. This way your investment in your yacht will stay at the initial purchase price as you’ll be able to reduce the annual running costs to zero. Based on a 25 % ownership, two weeks of charter are sufficient to cover the entire running costs. It goes without saying that SeaNet will take care of the bookings and make all necessary arrangements. Just let us know when you would like to put your yacht up for charter and all that remains for you to do is enjoy the carefree, luxury lifestyle when staying on your yacht.