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The prime location for co-ownership

Every SeaNet yacht is registered in Malta. The island not only specializes in private yachting; it also possesses an excellent maritime reputation. Add lenient authorities and a flexible legislation, and Malta is the perfect spot in Europe to introduce the concept of yacht co-ownership.

Benefiting from additional liability protection by doing things the Maltese way: co-ownership as a company rather than as a private individual, it comes as no surprise that over 400 super yachts now sail under the Maltese flag and this number continues to increase each year.

Maltese flag

Why SeaNet chooses Malta in short:

  • EU compliant legislation
  • Clear laws relating to yacht mortgages
  • Low VAT rates and registration costs
  • Fast registration system
  • Globally recognised & respected jurisdiction
  • Good liability protection
  • Protected title of yacht ownership