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Matty Zadnikar

Right in picture

Over the past 20 years, Matty Zadnikar (°1961) has earned his spurs founding and developing Z-Safety Services. The company responded to the industrial safety needs of the oil and gas industry. It not only off ers complete safety equipment for short- or long-term hire but also provides trained and experienced safety personnel. In 2013 Zadnikar successfully sold his business but didn’t feel ready to put his feet up and relax.

As a child Zadnikar used to spend hours in marinas of the Mediterranean, daydreaming of the yachts he saw cruising by. Having sailed yachts in his spare time for over 30 years, he is now turning his passion and experience into an actual business. As half owner of SeaNet he is introducing shared yacht ownership to Europe. His many years of experience in rental and providing industrial services now prove to be very useful and allow him to give a whole new dimension to yacht management.

Matty Zadnikar and Mike Costa

Mike Costa

Left in picture

At a young age Michael Costa (°1968), founder of the American based SeaNet Program in 2003; fell for the charms of the sea through his family’s boating experiences. After graduating from the Entrepreneurial Program at the University of Southern California, Costa began in the Financial Securities Industry and then shortly thereafter started his first company in the Media Technology Sector. After 10 prosperous years he sold his first company and came up with the concept of fractional yacht ownership. Costa longed to enjoy the fond memories of boating on the sea once again but also realized he wouldn’t be able to spend enough time on a yacht to justify his initial and ongoing investment. As Costa contemplated his next business venture he noticed the fractional private jet sector and companies like NetJets experiencing hyper-growth and decided to apply the same innovative business model to luxury yachts. This marked the start of SeaNet in the USA. Today, after 14 years of growth, the company has sold and managed over thirty-five Program yachts and is well positioned for the continued growth of the shared economy model.