Custom Yacht Ownership

Custom Yacht Ownership
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Typical yacht owners only use their yacht approx. 6 weeks per year. The rest of the year you probably enter your yacht into the charter world to reduce your annual costs or she is just lying in the marina simply being beautiful without any further purpose.

By now you know all the challenges of typical yacht ownership such as time-consuming management responsibilities, paying port fees, handling taxes, keeping the yacht cleaned and supervising all the subcontractors. Not to mention the high insurance premiums, maintenance costs….

Would you like to unburden yourself from being a sole yacht owner? With SeaNet’s comprehensive yacht network, our team will assist you with finding likeminded buyers for your co-ownership structure to ensure the perfect fit.

Team up with SeaNet and we will help you find (a) suitable co-owner(s) with a similar level of interest. We will not only find your perfect fit but can also advise in contractual owner’s agreements and offer our comprehensive Yacht Management Services.

Discover the advantages of SeaNet Yacht Co-ownership