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Experience the unparalleled joy of life on-board your yacht with family and friends


SeaNet’s unique yacht co-ownership model is based on three keystones: a 75 % reduction of the initial yacht purchase price and running costs, guaranteed usage during the peak European yachting season and completely hassle free ownership with SeaNet management.

SeaNet’s co-ownership model offers owners a direct saving of up to 75% of the initial price of a yacht and its annual running costs which include maintenance, insurance, crew and homeport fees.

The SeaNet model enables up to four co-owners to enjoy the benefits of having a yacht complete with guaranteed usage during the peak European yachting season, ensuring that every co-owner can make the most of their time on-board.

Couple enjoying the sun on a yacht

Owners are completely relieved of the hassle of management of crews, charters and mooring and every yacht is fully personalised before an owner steps on board with selected items such as art, photos and your chosen linens and tableware, ensuring that your yacht perfectly matches your personal tastes.