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Your time on board

The SeaNet model allows co-owners to spend 7, 8, 14 or 21 carefree and memorable weeks on board their yacht each year. These weeks are spread over the European cruising season which runs from April through to October, with July and August being the peak months.

  • 25% ownership entitles you to 3 weeks before, 2 weeks during and 2 weeks after the European cruising season.
    7 weeks in total
  • 33% ownership entitles you to 3 weeks before, 3 weeks during and 2 weeks after the European cruising season.
    8 weeks in total
  • 50% ownership entitles you to 6 weeks before, 4 weeks during and 4 weeks after the European cruising season.
    14 weeks in total
  • 75% ownership entitles you to 9 weeks before, 6 weeks during and 6 weeks after the European cruising season.
    21 weeks in total

SeaNet coordinates each owner’s time on board using an equal reservation system which is agreed upon and signed beforehand by each owner of the yacht. Owners can book their weeks on board up to one year in advance.

For example, 50% ownership allows you to spend more time on board but mainly offers a greater flexibility in planning your weeks and increases the number of sequential weeks that you can spend on board during the European cruising season.

More information about our planning can be found in our brochure.

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Become a Premium Owner

SeaNet created the 75% Premium model to offer all the advantages of being a SeaNet owner but with added benefits for those who seek majority ownership. This model gives owners the opportunity to have greater ownership status and an increased level of autonomy regarding the ports, charters and weeks spent on-board their yacht. 75% Premium owners will also be able to go above and beyond in the personalisation of their yacht, choosing the interior design and the name of their yacht, ensuring that it truly reflects every aspect of their personality. One of the greatest benefits for 75% Premium owners is the total flexibility regarding the booking of peak weeks, with six high-season weeks guaranteed for majority owners.

For anyone concerned about the financial commitment of being a 75% owner, SeaNet’s expert management team is on-hand to ensure that charters are effortlessly arranged to maximise return, thus covering much of the standard annual running costs of being a majority owner and guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

How it works:

  • SeaNet offers 75% ownership to the primary owner, the remaining 25% is bought by just one other owner
  • 25% ownership is the equivalent to a guaranteed charter of 5 years. It represents a direct discount of 25% from the initial purchasing price of the yacht
  • 75% premium owners will receive 25 % discount on the annual running costs
  • Full flexibility on weeks on-board your yacht and on charters, with 6 weeks on-board guaranteed during Europe’s high-season
  • 75% Premium owners can opt in or out of the SeaNet Fleet

The Yacht

A 75% Premium owner can choose between the stunning Benetti Delfino 95’ or Mediterraneo 116’.