Custom Yacht Ownership

Custom Yacht Ownership
“Hassle free, maximal enjoyment onboard your yacht. As yachting should be.”

Yacht Co-ownership

Fractional Yacht Ownership

SeaNet Europe has pioneered a leading yacht co-ownership model. Our tried and tested model offers yacht owners the perfect middle ground between chartering and sole ownership, providing new and experienced yacht owners with a unique, discerning solution.

Taking each owner's individual needs, preferences, and requests in mind, SeaNet offers solid, variable yacht co-ownership structures for new build yachts and pre-owned yachts. Ideal for current yacht owners who are keen to maximise their time onboard their yacht while reducing annual running costs and eliminating the hassle of yacht management, our unique concept is tailored to suit all owners.

Cost Reduction

When entering into a co-ownership model with SeaNet, owners will benefit from up to 75% reduction in the initial yacht purchase price and annual operational costs.

guaranteed Usage

Co-owners are guaranteed usage of their yacht during the peak European and Caribbean yachting season, with the possibility of double season, due to SeaNet's Europe exclusive rotational system.

maximum enjoyment

Enjoy completely care-free co-ownership with SeaNet's Yacht Management Service. In addition to sharing financial responsibility, co-owners have access to SeaNet's Concierge Services and Crew Management Service.

  • Co-owners can save up to 75% of the initial capital outlay and annual running costs of a yacht through SeaNet's model.
  • Unlike any other co-ownership structure on the market, each SeaNet co-owner owns a yacht share that represents an equitable value. 
  • Depending on what percentage a co-owner holds, they are guaranteed a fixed number of days on the yacht during yachting season(s) - ensuring each co-owner can enjoy the maximum time onboard their yacht throughout the year. 
  • Co-owners can also sell their title registration of the yacht at any time, with SeaNet’s team of experts on hand to offer assistance and guidance with the sale.