Custom Yacht Ownership

Custom Yacht Ownership
“Thanks to SeaNet's expertise and experience, the move from sole ownership to co-ownership has never been simpler.”



Owning a yacht is the ultimate luxury and the perfect reward for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. Experienced yacht owners will be familiar with the challenges of Sole Ownership: yacht maintenance, insurance, management of crew and lack of usage during peak months due to charter demand, all of which are often costly and time-consuming issues.


Most yacht owners only use their yachts for approximately six weeks a year. For the remainder of the time, owners usually opt to charter their yacht to reduce their annual running costs or leave their yacht in a marina. However, each co-owner is guaranteed a fixed number of days on the yacht depending on what percentage of ownership they hold, ensuring owners enjoy the maximum time onboard during all seasons.


Co-owning a yacht offers owners access to the ultimate luxury while sharing all financial responsibilities and operational obligations. Some of the benefits of co-owning include sharing operational costs, reduced bills, split maintenance fees, lower insurances, better crew management, all while maintaining full access to the yacht during peak season.


Our team is at your service to offer you all the advice needed, from drafting the contractual owner's agreement to our leading Yacht Management Services.

Would you like to unburden yourself from being a sole yacht owner? Our knowledgeable team has built up a comprehensive yacht network and will assist you with finding the perfect, like-minded buyers for your co-ownership structure. Overseeing the entire 'match-making' process from start to finish, the team will connect you with potential yacht owner(s) who are looking for a similar co-ownership experience.We can also advise in contractual owner's agreements and offer our all-round Yacht Management Services.

Through our co-ownership structure, the annual cost of owning a yacht is significantly reduced by up to 75% (with no charters required!), whilst guaranteeing all owners enjoy equal benefits of owning a yacht in its entirety. The best yachting experience you could wish for.

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