Custom Yacht Ownership

Custom Yacht Ownership
“The perfect fit!”


Typical yacht owners only use their yacht for approximately 6 weeks per year. The rest of the year you probably enter your yacht into the charter world to reduce your annual costs or she lies in the marina with no further purpose.

Owning a yacht is the ultimate luxury and the perfect reward for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. Experienced yacht owners will be familiar with the challenges of Sole Ownership: yacht maintenance, insurance, management of crew and lack of usage during peak months due to charter demand, all of which are often costly and time-consuming issues.

Would you like to unburden yourself from being a sole yacht owner? With SeaNet’s comprehensive yacht network, our team will assist you with finding like-minded buyers for your co-ownership structure to ensure the perfect fit. We can also advise in contractual owner's agreements and offer our all-round Yacht Management Services.

SeaNet’s expert team will pair you with (a) like-minded yacht owner(s) to share the co-ownership experience, ensuring that the annual cost of owning a yacht is significantly reduced by up to 75% with no charters required, whilst guaranteeing that you still get all the benefits of owning a yacht in its entirety. This really is hassle-free yachting.

Discover the advantages of SeaNet Yacht Co-ownership