Custom Yacht Ownership

Custom Yacht Ownership


SeaNet Europe is your expert in Custom Yacht Ownership. We offer new and experienced yacht owners various yacht ownership models to better serve each owner's individual needs and preferences. For some, sole ownership is the best solution, but for others, it is co-ownership. There are countless advantages and benefits linked to co-owning a yacht, sharing the finances, and reducing costs to enjoying winters in the Caribbean and summers in the Med.

Based on YOUR individual needs, a tailor-made solution is offered: both SOLE ownership as well as CO-OWNERSHIP of new and premium selected pre-owned superyachts in the range of 30 to 60 meters (100 to 200 ft).

Depending on:

  • the NEEDS of your family
  • the NUMBER of people on-board
  • the SIZE of yacht
  • and especially the amount of TIME you want to spend ON-BOARD

We will explore whether you are a perfect match for Yacht Co-ownership or if you are more suited to being a Sole Owner of a yacht fully tuned to your personal preferences. We can also assist if you are looking for a specific yacht or you need to find like-minded co-owners for your own yacht.

As a European specialist in Custom Yacht Ownership models, SeaNet’s pioneering ownership structures have cemented our position as market leaders in creating bespoke models that truly benefit the owner.