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During the European summer (June-July-August and September), superyachts under SeaNet management will be cruising the Mediterranean.

Find your holistic escape and explore the top yacht destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, from the best beaches to the outstanding Mediterranean restaurants and shops worth stepping on shore for.

Enjoy unscripted dining in Italy and find the perfect riviera route, stroll around ancient towns in Greece and soak up the sun along Croatia's stunning coastline and explore the timeless treasures nestled throughout the enchanting Dalmatian Islands.

Immerse yourself in scenic coastlines and storied histories on your own superyacht in the dazzling Mediterranean. Begin your cruising adventures and revel in the culture, cuisine, and secluded anchorages.


During the European winter (December-January-February and March), superyachts under SeaNet management can be cruising the Caribbean/Asia, depending on the owner’s choice.

Certain places have an almost magical ring to them, one of those are the Caribbean.

Captivating crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches…Discover the jungle ruins from ancient times and vibrant colonial towns with brightly painted buildings reflecting a fascinating history.

Enjoy the luxurious elegance on board your own superyacht surrounded by delightfully less-traveled Caribbean islands. Isolate yourself from the outside world and release your best you!