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7-days exploring the ‘Pearl’ of the Adriatic

Venture further than the Mediterranean hotspots of the Italian and French Riviera to discover the unspoiled beauty of Croatia. The ‘pearl’ of the Adriatic, Croatia’s charming seaside villages, spectacular coastline and riveting history, make it the ideal destination to visit to soak up the best of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle and cosmopolitan living.

Home to over a thousand gorgeous islands, lined with stunning beaches and bays, Croatia maintains a fabled and mystic appeal. Explore the unique Dalmatian coastline, spanning from the famous Dubrovnik in the south to Rovinj in the north and take in its green hillsides, ancient castles and calm, turquoise waters. 

Rapidly becoming one of the East Mediterranean most desirable hubs, Croatia offers more than 50 fully equipped marinas with over 16,000 berths - ideal for mooring your motor yacht while discovering all the country has to offer.


Begin your luxury Croatia cruising in the famous fortress city of Dubrovnik. A city infused in timeless beauty and incredible history, it’s the ideal place to start your yachting adventure. Spend the day wandering through its limestone streets and cobbled lanes as you take in its numerous historical sites and relics, such as Rector’s Place. Arguably one of the most magnificent cities in the Mediterranean, it’s clear why it’s also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Be sure to take a walk along its ancient city walls, which offer spectacular views of the old town and Baroque churches before heading to the harbour to board your yacht.

Day 2: MLJET

Enjoy breakfast onboard your yacht as you cruise west through the glistening waters of the Eastern Mediterranean on your way to your first island stop, the island of Mljet. A tranquil, secluded haven, it is home to a National Park and covered in a lush, green forest. The perfect spot to drop anchor, spend some time swimming or kayaking in the calm waters. For those searching for an underwater adventure, get out your yacht’s scuba diving gear and explore the coral reefs and caves in the area before taking the tender ashore.

Spend the afternoon cycling or hiking through Mljet’s beautiful forest trails before cooling off in one of the island's stunning lakes. See if you can spot the 12th-century Benedictine monastery on the shore of the island in the centre of the lake Veliko Jezero before returning to dine on the deck of your luxury yacht.


One of Croatia’s best-kept secrets, the pristine island of Lastovo is a recent addition to the foreign yacht itinerary. Home to miles of beautiful coastlines, stunning bays and a range of islets, this is the best spot to kick back and relax, soaking up the warm Mediterranean sunshine. Visit the quaint village onshore and see what fresh produce your crew can pick up from the local market for a delicious lunch on the island’s sandy beaches.

Afterwards, cruise onto the stunning island of Vis. Known for its otherworldly, rugged beauty, this island is often compared to Capri, although it has been cut off from the world for many years, as it was once a military base. Its Venetian architecture and rustic charm have been well-preserved over the years, so be sure to explore its sophisticated port towns. Alternatively, visit Vis own Blue Grotto and take in the gorgeous aquamarine waters before heading back to your yacht.

Day 4: HVAR

Offering a blend of old-world charm and modern-day appeal, let the island of Hvar enchant you. Dock your yacht in the Hvar Harbour among the other superyachts and disembark for the day to see all the sights this tropical city has on offer. Walk through its meandering cobbled streets, visit its designer boutiques or stop by the beautiful cathedral in the city heart that dates back to the Renaissance. Those feeling slightly more adventurous, rent a car or scooter to explore more of the island’s stunning landscapes filled with lavender fields, crumbling walls and picturesque towns.

Day 5: BRAC

Enjoy a lavish brunch on the deck of your yacht as you take in one of the most exquisite beaches in all of Europe, Zlatni Rat, a perfectly formed triangle of soft sand surrounded by stunning shades of sapphire. Break out the water toys and enjoy the sparkling waters before heading on to the mountainous island of Brac. Explore this island’s rich history, from its lovely monasteries and ancient villages to its limestone cliffs. Hike up Mount Vidora Gova and soak in the lovely view from the top.


Cruise overnight in the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Europe. It is one of the top 10 island cities in the world, according to National Geographic and UNESCO-listed. Take in the breathtaking view of this tiny-walled island as you arrive. Connected to the mainland via a bridge, its town is dotted with waterways and canals lined with red terracotta-roofed houses and palm trees which contrast with the bright blue sea. Spend the day exploring its rich Baroque-architecture, Renaissance palaces and marble-paved streets. Stop by the beautiful Cathedral of St. Lovre before dining in one of its superb restaurants.

Day 7: SPLIT

Spend the last day of your luxury yachting adventure in Split, the second biggest city in Croatia and a leading yachting hub of the Adriatic Sea. A vibrant, Dalmatian city, Spilt is famous for its stunning beaches and seafronts as well as its Old Town. Be sure to see the Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient remnant of the Roman influence on the country. Built in the 4th century, the palace is one of the best-preserved examples of Roman architecture in the world. Explore the historic district of the city, taking in its busy piazza.