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Proud of our realisations | From sole ownership to yacht co-ownership (match-making)


Yacht Sales

2016-2017 | Benetti Delfino 93’

YACHT NR 1 | 28,5 M

  • Co-ownership
  • Incl. SeaNet Yacht Management

It all started in September 2016 during the Cannes Yachting Festival: CEO SeaNet Europe Matty Zadnikar put his own 2 year old Benetti Delfino 93’ to the test for yacht co-ownership; resulting in 4 very satisfied co-owners.

After exactly 6 years in age and 6 seasons in use with almost 3.000 engine hours, she still looks stunning and almost brand-new! Yearly extensive yacht maintenance is one of our company’s core values to keep all yachts under SeaNet Yacht Management in top shape!

2 x 4 rotational crew
Yacht Sales

2018 | Azimut Grande 35 Metri

YACHT NR 2 | 35 M

  • Sole ownership
  • Incl. SeaNet Yacht Management

In 2018 we successfully sold a brand-new Azimut Grande 35 Metri with final delivery in June 2019. Fully guided & managed by SeaNet Europe -from purchase & build supervision to launch- and having selected the entire professional crew, this superyacht is also the first commercially registered/built Azimut Grande 35 Metri worldwide available for charter. Furthermore, her sole owner is now looking for suitable co-owners with a similar level of interest.

Interested in chartering or co-owning this 35m superyacht offering plenty of space for life on board, both outdoors and below deck?

6 crew
Yacht Sales

2019 | Sanlorenzo 52 Steel

YACHT NR 3 | 52 M

  • Co-ownership
  • Match-making

In September 2019 we announced the successful completion of co-ownership sale of the stunning Sanlorenzo 52 Steel motor yacht ‘Seven Sins’ to a European buyer.

We guided the owner and seller through the brokerage process, offering first-hand experience and brokerage expertise from our CEO to ensure the successful creation of a SeaNet co-ownership model of more than 40%.

11 crew
Yacht Sales

2019 | Benetti Mediterraneo 116’

YACHT NR 4 | 35 M

  • Co-ownership
  • Incl. SeaNet Yacht Management

SeaNet Europe continues to expand in the world of Yacht Co-ownership. In October 2019, SeaNet Europe added the pre-owned Benetti Mediterraneo 116’ (2018) -formerly known as M/Y Botti- to her fleet of superyachts in co-ownership.

  • This 35m superyacht is the 4th yacht in the SeaNet fleet and she’s the first yacht that will be operational in 2 seasons/year: the Mediterranean during the European summer and the USA/Caribbean during wintertime. She has a crew of 2 x 7 in a 2-months ON and 2-months OFF rotational scheme.
  • Furthermore we are proud to say that two of the SeaNet Benetti Delfino 93’ co-owners, the first believers in our co-ownership formula, have upgraded to this larger 35M yacht.

In our 4-years existence, this proves that current owners recognize the benefits of co-ownership with SeaNet being the ideal partner. 

There is still a final share available. 
Interested in co-owning this yacht? Do get in touch.

2 x 7 rotational crew
Yacht Sales

2021 | Benetti Delfino 95'

YACHT NR 5 | 29 M

  • Co-ownership
  • Incl. SeaNet Yacht Management

This Benetti Delfino 95' is SeaNet's 4th yacht purchased from the Azimut|Benetti Group and the eleventh Delfino 95' that was launched at the Benetti ViaReggio shipyard.

Equipped with a new 10m chase boat, the Benetti Delfino 95’ will have a five-person rotational crew and will enjoy all the advantages of being part of the SeaNet fleet: full management, concierge, personalisation and impeccable service.

The significant benefits of owning a SeaNet yacht include guaranteed and double season usage. The new owners of the Benetti Delfino 95’ will be cruising the Mediterranean in the summer and discovering the warm waters of the Caribbean or Asia in the winter.

2 x 5 rotational crew

Are you looking for a specific yacht or you need to find likeminded co-owners for your own yacht?

Team up with SeaNet to find a suitable solution that fulfills all your requirements.