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Selection & purchase

The attention to detail when choosing and building a yacht makes the difference between having a yacht that requires constant maintenance and additional investment, and a yacht that upon completion meets your expectations and marks the start of your unforgettable experience as a yacht owner.

CEO and yacht owner Matty Zadnikar will guide buyers on which yacht best suits their requirements and assist with negotiating the complicated terms and contracts of being a yacht owner; ensuring that buying a yacht is a transparent and enjoyable experience.

Finding the right superyacht can be an overwhelming experience when faced with the wide array of yachts available. SeaNet works with owners to determine exactly what specifications are needed to create the perfect yacht. From its length and number of berths, to the design of the exterior, interiors and number of crew, SeaNet are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

The negotiations of terms and contracts when buying a yacht can prove both complicated and challenging. SeaNet works alongside top legal and construction teams, technical experts and of course arrange the necessary surveys and sea trials to ensure that every boat delivered to a SeaNet owner is pure perfection.

Selection & purchase